Placeholder  ImageALLEN BALLEW & Associates Consulting offers a unique consulting approach to construction related problems and tasks. As a former general contractor bidding on highly competitive  public works projects, we understand about cost control. Cost control also applies to what is spent on disputes and outsourced overhead. Our goal is to deliver these services in a cost effective manner while getting results.

Skin in the game

Placeholder  ImageDisputes Resolution:  The most economical and fastest route to recovery on construction claims rests at the lowest level. If it is possible to convince an owner representative or Contracting Officer of the merits of your position, that is the way to go. ALLEN BALLEW & Associates Consulting can assist you in making a case at the lowest level. However, if that becomes a dead end, we are experienced in preparation of litigation support that can be taken to a board of appeal or trial.

Review, Analysis and Recommendation: ALLEN BALLEW & Associates Consulting will review your case and provide an effective and economical plan and recommendation on how to win. We have experience in almost every theory of recovery known. We can also provide an estimate of the cost of our services. We will then make every effort to stay within that budget. Performing as though we have some, “skin in the game”, that is unique.

Experience: We invite you to tap into our 40 plus years of public works contracting and disputes resolution experience. Our principal Allen Ballew encountered his first government contract dispute in 1979, while performing a contract for the Department of Veteran's  Affairs. The governments actions were so egregious that, it sparked a desire in Allen Ballew to become an expert an government contracts. At just 30 years old Allen Ballew was a Contract Administrator at the Piketon, Ohio Uranium Enrichment Plant, involved in more than 140 million dollars of construction contracts and the attending disputes.

Our associates are all accomplished in their fields and bring considerable experience and abilities to the table. You can be assured that our work product has had necessary professional review from the standpoint of engineering, architecture and safety.